Fried and packed in Georgia.

Sweet berries taste for classic lovers
Intense sweet taste with a slight berry sourness.
Jasmine, tea, sweet notes of fruits and berries are felt in the aroma.
Citrus acidity for coffee experts
Pure citrus taste with pronounced acidity.
The aroma is blackcurrant, tropical fruits.
Light juicy acidity for every day
Juicy cherry taste with light acidity.
The aroma is blueberry, black cherry, malt, liquor.
El Salvador
Anaerobic process for extreme lovers
Extra bright taste with winery acidity.
Boozy, sparkling wine, yellow fruits are felt in aroma.

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Brewing instructions:
1. Tear along the dotted line
2. Place hangers on the cup (recommended up to 4 inches wide cup)
3. AD 150-200 ml (5 oz) of boiled water. Let it rain 2-3 times
4. Dispose of the bad and enjoy. Each individually sealed bag can be used only once

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